GBizz Foundation
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Global Bizz Foundation

The Globe Bizz Foundation (GBF) is a Charitable organization established as a Sri Lankan Non-Government Organization under the Sri Lankan legislative procedures. The Foundation is an independent, non-profit, and non-partisan organization. Our Board, staff, and benefactors are people deeply committed to achieving excellence in Sri Lankan poverty elevation programs. Our aim is to cultivate a core network of transformative communities trained with modern technology productivity will shape ideas and concepts in Sri Lanka for many decades to come. The foundation’s overall objectives include assistance for humanitarian activities, both in Sri Lanka and overseas, and global humanitarian development. Its philanthropic ideals embrace social development and self-sufficiency, and it pursues these principles by working to improve public health and education, alleviate poverty, eliminate hunger, and help the disabled.

In the field of public health, Globe Bizz Foundation Projects are designed and implemented to the communities affected by the Civil war and by natural disasters. Globe Bizz Foundation Coordinates with all relevant Sri Lankan Government institutions to provide safe and quality health care to all communities in Sri Lanka. Globe Bizz Foundation has planned a 200 Bed Modern Hospital Construction at Mullaitivu district with US$ 30 Million Investment.
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